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Infant Crying

Infant Crying

Crying is a common behaviour in ALL infants. They cry in order to tell caregivers when they need food, sleep or a change of diapers. Sometimes however, it seems they cry for no reason and no matter what you do to comfort them, they cannot be soothed. This can be extremely frustrating.

If you need someone to talk to right now about your baby's crying, please go to our Parent Resources page for phone line information.

This section contains information about the different features of infant crying. Years of research by leading crying experts have led to the conclusion that early infant crying, even "colic", is a part of normal infant development. There are definite features about early crying that are very frustrating for parents and caregivers. The Period of PURPLE Crying® educational materials describe each characteristic of infant crying that can be frustrating to a caregiver. It also outlines how there is a clear relationship between infant crying and shaking, which makes it especially important to keep some soothing tips on hand for yourself and others who may care for your baby. They may help some of the time, but your baby may continue to cry sometimes and that's okay. A sample of some interesting research about infant crying that has helped shape our current understanding about this behaviour is also listed.

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