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PURPLE Caps Campaign a Success!!!

10.27.2010 9:39

Caps of all shapes, sizes and shades of purple were graciously donated by volunteer knitters from across Canada to support Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome BC?s PURPLE Knitted Caps Campaign.

This campaign really caught the public?s imagination. The town of Elkford, near the Alberta border contributed over 800 caps. Groups such as the Girl Guide Trefoil Guild, CCRR, Halina Seniors Centre, BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, BC Ministry of Health and so many other amazing groups and individuals provided caps. In fact, many local knitting stores ran out of purple yarn. From coast to coast knitters came together to make the tiny hats.

Much of this success had to do with social media. Lower Mainland mom bloggers got behind the campaign writing over 20 posts to their readers and almost 300 people joined the Facebook group posting photos of their creations and spurring others on. Raverly, the go-to network for knitters was instrumental in getting knitters and crocheters on board including posting patterns for easy-to-make newborn caps. Those that got involved with the campaign were given the program messages about the normality of increased infant crying and were asked to share the information with others.

On November 22, 2010 a knit-in was held at BC Children?s Hospital where over 4,000 caps were sorted and organized for the 50 birthing hospitals throughout B.C. Eager grade school students from Vancouver Talmud Torah?s knitting club and Trafalgar Elementary joined seniors, moms and the B.C. Minister of Children and Family Development, Honourable Mary Polak along with other community members for this exciting event.

Enough caps were donated to be distributed with the PURPLE DVD and booklet right through the Christmas Holidays. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and support for the program. Thank you so much to all the knitters and volunteers for their much appreciated contributions!